CI selesai, waktunya Random

hello everybodeh.


mengingat bahwa blog ini terbentuk karena tuntutan mata kuliah “Creativity and Innovation” dua semester yang lalu, tentu saja blog ini terbengkalai selama kurang lebih 6 bulan. Ohoho, karena saya tidak hobi menulis (lebih tepatnya karena ga ada internet di rumah sih hahaha)

Well, why do I start updating this blog anyway?

Actually, I’m starting to working on my final project and leave the outside world behind haha. Because if I am distracted by the outside world, my final project surely will not finish on time and I really want to graduate in October 😛
(By the way, I finally got my own modem! even though it is not that good) So, I start to lock myself in my room doing my final project and randomly open my old blog~



LOCK MYSELF? true. Even if I go to the family room, I will not come back to my room at least for 3 hours, watching TV. I do not update my K-drama collections, and I start to pull my desire of playing with my friends at weekdays.




Since I have no fun activity in my room (except my laptop), I think I would just write everything in this blog.





God bless me, my final project, and you! haha.


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