creativity and innovation : the first assignment :)

What’s creativity?

For me, creativity is making a difference and unique. Think different. See a something differently from other to solve it. Out of the box.

At work, when you can solve a problem in a different way from others supposed to do, then it is creative.
Another example is iPod. As we know, iPod’s function is just the same as other mp3 player which is listening to songs, but what’s make them special? Apple, with its creativity make iPod stylish and has a good application design.

What’s innovation?

For me, innovation is the realization of creative idea that solve a problem that is useful for everyone. Some invention can be an innovation if they are really new that no one have discovered it yet and useful. Innovation not always has to be tangible things but also intangible, for example innovation in organization.

I think blackberry can be one example of innovation. Blackberry has its trackball or trackpad which no phone uses. And also it has the blackberry messenger application which only the blackberry has it.